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Asked by Aaron at 11:50 on 22/08/11.
when is that ep of you in Holby City going too be shown on TV?
4th October. Should be interesting to say the least!
Asked by RL Gomez at 18:38 on 21/08/11.
Hello, not really a question but I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your work on the Big Finish Doctor Who audios. Amy is now one of my favourite companions. She is a darling character and you performed her beautifully.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed doing it. Keep a look out for our latest release of Graceless(3). Many thanks again x
Asked by Jasmine Peddy at 19:34 on 11/08/11.
Hey Ciara!(: first I want to say you are so stunnigly gorgeous!! Are you planning on doing any work in the US? Maybe with Benjamin Stone?
How very lovely indeed Jasmine, thank you. And my fingers are certainly crossed for the US x
Asked by Tallulah at 15:15 on 11/08/11.
Are you dating Benjamin Stone?
Asked by Carolyn at 15:22 on 11/08/11.
I read in twitter Benjamin Stone called you "sis", are you his twin sister? And if he is, his name is Benjamin Stone and you Ciara Janson, if he's your brother, arent both of you suppose to have the same surname?
Asked by Alessia at 15:19 on 11/08/11.
never been to Italy? You'll be ever here? sorry for my bad english =D Ciao
Asked by Aaron at 07:15 on 19/07/11.
Hi Ciara When will you be on TV again? I never knew you was the voice of POD how long have you been the voice for? Also i would like an autographed picture :)
Asked by Ciara at 02:42 on 20/06/11.
Only for you.
Asked by Al at 14:30 on 13/06/11.
Are you the voice of POD on BBC 3's "Snog, marry avoid?" show?
Hello... I certainly am indeed. Well recognised. That's not the usual one people seem to pick up on. Thanks for your comment mate x
Asked by ray murray at 10:36 on 04/06/11.
hi hun remember me from lapland lol ask your mom or dad to call as be nice to catch with you all its ray on 07976097933 if you dont mind x
Asked by Jeffrey Miller at 05:07 on 26/03/11.
Really appreciate all the work you have done with Big Finish. How can I get an autographed photo of you in the US? Thank you
Hi Jeffrey. My pleasure... I adore working for Big Finish, and t's lovely to hear you're a fan of what we do! If you send me an address, I'll get an autograph sent out to you as soon as I can. Many thanks again x
Asked by Ben at 09:21 on 30/01/11.
i am the leaf riddler i pick leaves to earn a living. i work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. i pick on average 120 leaves an hour, and i stop for an hour break for lunch and 15 minutes twice for a tea. i get paid 3 pence for every leaf i pick, on average how much money do i made a month?
23 pence.
Asked by Mike at 17:56 on 14/01/11.
Are you the voice of POD??
Asked by russell hughes at 14:19 on 31/12/10.
Can i ask when you will be back on television ? And did you ever feel like going down the gemma atkinson root as your obviously a beautifull woman??
Asked by Chris at 08:06 on 23/12/10.
What's your favourite role that you've been in and why?
Asked by Bob James at 14:27 on 12/12/10.
I recently enjoyed your appearance at Chicago Tardis 2010 in Chicago with some Big Finish artists. Missed getting to meet you. Are you planning to continue making appearances at conventions? It would be great to see you and your Big Finish costars in Chicago (actually, Lombard) again. Thanks for visiting us!
Hi Bob. Thank you so much for getting in touch. It's lovely to hear you're a fan of Big Finish and what we do. I absolutely adore working for them- what a fantastic company. The conventions are one of my favourite perks of the job, so if we get enough support from the fans, then we certainly will be making another appearance in Chicago and others. Fingers crossed! Thanks again. x
Asked by Paul at 23:10 on 20/11/10.
"What is your favorite song ?" :) Seriously, thought about Hollywood? I also did college in NW England; prefer teaching here though. Next time you're on the west coast, I'll take you to the best beaches & eateries here in OC. Good luck, Paul
Asked by Andy at 07:56 on 27/10/10.
Did you find Nicole Owen a boring character to play? Personally i would've liked you playing a character like Teresa McQueen, you're better looking than Jorgie
Asked by john at 09:47 on 23/10/10.
when will you next be on tv or film ?
Asked by Emma at 14:40 on 05/10/10.
What is your favorite thing about acting?
Asked by echoesofuk at 10:59 on 29/09/10.
Hi Ciara are you working on a calender and who do you still see from your hollyoaks days? x
Asked by Dane Jones at 06:13 on 14/09/10.
Hey, Strangely enough, a friend "shared" your page with me on Facebook, and I noticed that Rosie Hardy took your Photo's (they look great btw). I don't really have a question for you, however I went to school with Rosie, and worked with you in hollyoaks for a few months (Macki's right hand man) so I figured I'd say hello. Hello!! x
Asked by cameron Neilson at 17:06 on 12/09/10.
hi there, do you enjoy lobbing it out?
Only for lobbers like you xxxxxxx
Asked by Michael at 12:44 on 11/09/10.
Who took your amazing photos?
A girl called Rosie Hardy... You can see more of her amazing photos on her flicker stream.